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Sports and Chiropractic

In competitive sports, the difference between winning and losing sometimes happen within microseconds. Athletes need every little bit of strength, speed, and flexibility they can muster.

That’s why, when injuries happen, many turn to chiropractic care rather than more invasive options for pain relief. Prescription drugs dull reaction times and carry the risk of addiction, while surgery might leave an athlete benched for months. A certified chiropractic sports physician, on the other hand, can relieve pain without drugs or surgery—all while keeping the body balanced, flexible, and at optimal performance.

Common Injuries in Sports

The common injuries suffered in many sports can knock the spine out of alignment, causing stress on its pain-sensitive joints, muscles, nerves, discs, and ligaments. In study after study, chiropractic care outperforms other medical options at reducing pain and restoring normal function. Forceful impacts, repetitive motions, and overuse often lead to sports injuries at any age.

Spinal Health, Subluxations and Chiropractic

Many people don’t realize how critical spinal health is to the proper functioning of not only the musculoskeletal system but the entire body. Misalignments in the spine are known as subluxations. They can occur from trauma and injury, in addition to toxins and stress. They also hinder the optimal function of the nervous system, which consists of a network of nerve cells and fibers that transmit signals to different parts of the body.

Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers trained to diagnose and treat subluxations. Through the chiropractic adjustment of the spine and the removal of subluxations, chiropractic physicians help to return the body to a healthy state, reducing tension, pain, and the overall likelihood of injury. Chiropractic provides proven pain relief from a wide range of common sports injuries. It also helps with:

  • Headaches from head and neck injuries
  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Ankle and knee injuries

Pain relief aside, here are some of the athletic benefits a certified chiropractic sports physician can offer:

  • Improved performance. A misaligned spine can interfere with the functions of all other systems, causing athletic performance to suffer. Regular adjustments keep the spine working smoothly, which in turn boosts the body’s overall performance.
  • Fewer injuries. Alignment issues cause unnecessary stress on the body and can often lead to damage. A certified chiropractic sports physician keeps the musculoskeletal system humming along smoothly, so the body is less prone to injury. For example, chiropractors help golfers correct postural imbalances in their swing that could lead to damage.
  • Rapid Healing. By relieving the irritation between misaligned vertebrae, chiropractic treatment helps minimize the healing time required from injuries. One research team found that chiropractic care helped a group of injured long-distance runners recover quickly.

Sports chiropractors use several techniques to promote rapid healing, including:

  • Massage and stretching, combined with range-of-motion movement
  • Stainless steel tools used to break down scar tissue
  • Functional dry needling to release deep muscle tension
  • Electrical muscle stimulation to release tension near the surface

Chiropractic care helps athletes at all levels achieve optimal performance. That’s why so many athletes—from professional sports teams to high school players—regularly see a chiropractor to stay in top shape.

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