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Standing Desks, Are They a Good Idea in 2020_

Standing Desks, Are They a Good Idea in 2020

Most of us sit down when working regardless of our profession, whether you are an office worker, an online teacher, a virtual assistant, and the like. The reason is we feel more comfortable sitting down when doing our job rather than standing.

We are all aware that prolonged sitting is terrible for our health. Somehow we ignore it because of our laziness. We don’t want to stand for a long time because we think that it’s more tiring, or we are lazy to go for a walk and stretch our bodies a bit after having our lunch. Instead, we take a nap after our meal, for we believe that taking a nap gives us more energy to continue our job.

The fact is, we are not helping ourselves when we sleep after eating. We are only making our bodies weaker because we lack exercise. 

Do you know about Standing Desks? Why do some workers or business people buy these Standing Desks? Are these worth buying for? 

Let’s talk about the health benefits we can gain from using a Standing Desk. 

What are Standing Desks?

Standing Desks or stand-up desks are designed for workers to work while standing in front of the computer or table. These can be customized desks or just regular desks you can have. 

Aside from giving you comfort while working, there are other health benefits that you can have when working on Standing Desks. 

Advantages and Benefits

While most of us prefer sitting down while making our reports, computing grades, writing an essay, or whatever jobs we have, we don’t notice that our bodies become weak for sitting for a long time. Sometimes, we even experience body pains like back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, which is why Standing Desks can also be an alternative when working. Instead of sitting in front of the computer or leaning down on the table for the whole duration of our work time, it is also lovely to have Standing Desks to have an ergonomic working place. 

A few are the advantages when working on a Standing Desk

  • Good posture – if you work on a Standing Desk, there’s a possibility that you will maintain a good posture. Unlike when sitting down, the body tends to lean forward on the table or in front of the computer without noticing that you are straining your neck, and the result will be neck pain or even shoulder ache. However, when using a Standing Desk, don’t forget to stand appropriately and avoid too much leaning on the working table.
  • Weight loss – standing can help lose weight because the body burns calories while working on a Standing Desk. Research published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health verified that walking while working has the highest probability of losing weight. Second is the workers who use Standing Desks, and the last are the ones sitting down while finishing their tasks. 
  • Reduces body pains – your body is like exercising when working on a Standing Desk, so it helps alleviate body pains like sore muscles, back pain, etc. since the body keeps moving while doing the task. 
  • Lessens the possibility of having diseases – research shows that people who stand longer have a lower risk of having conditions such as heart disease. It also helps lower blood sugar. If you have these kinds of health conditions, it would be better to avoid sitting for a long time, especially after a meal. Go for a walk for a few minutes before starting your job and take a break in between office hours and stretch to reduce the possibility of making the blood sugar go high. 
  • Energizes the body – we all know that our body becomes energized when we exercise. It is the same when completing our tasks with a Standing Desk. Since the body is always in motion, the muscles are not stagnant. We can finish our day’s work lively and with power!
  • Increases mobility and flexibility – if you are observant, you will notice that your legs or other parts of your body become numb when you are in the same pos