Standing Desks, Are They a Good Idea in 2020_

Standing Desks are 2021 Gamechangers: Are They Healthy or Painful?

Standing desks have been a growing trend in the last two years. Many workplaces and home offices have been converting to this innovative furniture because of its unique function. But what exactly are standing desks? What benefits can we get from using one? Are they healthy or painful? Read on, because we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what these standing desks are and why we need them.

Why are Standing Desks Trending?

Most of us spend the whole day working, glued to our seats, regardless of our profession–whether you’re an office worker, an online teacher, a virtual assistant, and the like. Let’s be honest, it’s much more comfortable sitting down when doing our job rather than standing. Plus, most of our desks are solely designed to suit this position.

However, while it’s difficult to admit, prolonged sitting is terrible for our health. The long hours we spend each day seated, hunching over our desks can cause all sorts of back problems and discomfort. This is why standing desks are now a big deal. These ergonomic tables are designed to bring comfort, mobility, and other health benefits to our work routines.

What are Standing Desks?

Standing desks or stand-up desks are designed to allow us to stand up while working in front of our tables. These desks can be customized or adjusted to suit your position and workspace–you can easily raise or lower the height of your standing desk to fit your preferences. It also lets you switch from one area and position to another with much ease.

Some standing desks even come with a built-in keyboard, mouse, or tablet holder to make it more comfortable for you while working on your computer. Thus, these ergonomic tables can really give you both comfort and convenience in your workstation.

Advantages and Benefits of Standing Desks

We often fail to notice that as we work and stay on our seats longer, our bodies weaken and become more prone to back pains, shoulder pains, and other types of pain you can get.

However, with the help of standing desks, you can now avoid most of these problems. Using such ergonomic furniture also comes with so much more benefits such as the following:

Good Posture 

If you work on a standing desk, there’s a great possibility for you to maintain a good posture. When sitting down, the body tends to lean forward on the table or in front of the computer. Oftentimes, this position strains the neck and results in neck pain or even shoulder aches. However, when using a standing desk, it’ll be easier to stay upright as you won’t have to lean that much on the table anymore.

Weight Loss 

Working at a standing desk can help lose weight because you’ll get to burn calories while accomplishing your tasks. It also becomes easier to walk around your workspace and do some simple exercises during your 10-minute breaks.

Reduces Body Pains

Your body is constantly exercising when you’re working on a standing desk. Hence, it also helps alleviate body pains like sore muscles, back pain, etc. since the body keeps moving while at work.

Lessens the Possibility of Having Diseases 

Research shows that people who stand longer have a lower risk of having conditions such as heart disease. Staying in this position for a significant amount of time also helps lower blood sugar. And if you have health conditions related to these, it would be better to avoid sitting for a long time, especially after a meal. Luckily, with standing desks, you’ll get to continue your work right away without sacrificing your health. You won’t be obliged to sit down just so you could get back to your tasks.

Energizes the Body 

We all know that our body becomes energized when we exercise. It is the same when completing our tasks with a standing desk. Since our bodies would always be in motion, our muscles won’t become stagnant. Thus, we can finish our day’s work with so much life and power!

Increases Mobility and Flexibility 

If you are a good observant, you may have noticed that your legs or other parts of your body become numb when you are in the same position for a long time. Hence, it gets so difficult to move, stand up, or reach something when it is needed. However, when you’re working on a standing desk, you’ll get to change positions much more often. This in return enhances your mobility and flexibility.

Should You Work with Standing Desks?

With all the advantages listed above, perhaps this shouldn’t even be a question. Standing desks can definitely change our work routines and bring significant improvements to our health and lifestyles. Thus, getting one would be a great investment that can really benefit you for many years.

How Much Do They Cost?

Standing desks come in different styles, sizes, and materials. They can be made out of solid wood or steel, for example. And while it’s possible for anyone to create their own, purchasing a ready-made one may save you more time and money.

But the question is, do these items cost an arm and a leg? Well, it depends on the quality of the standing desk you want to have. A good standing desk can cost you around $300 to $500. That’s including the desk and the ergonomic add-ons such as a laptop stand, an anti-fatigue mat, wrist support pillows, etc.

However, you can also find cheaper versions of this ergonomic furniture. These are usually made of cheap materials and are not sturdy enough to hold a heavy-duty computer set up. Thus, you’ll really have to save up if you want one that can withstand your daily work routine and serve you for years.

Verdict: Are They Healthy or Painful?

Getting an expensive standing desk may be painful for your wallet but it will certainly improve your work routine and health condition. However, you should still be careful when using this furniture because it can result in chronic pains if not used properly.

For instance, you may need to get a standing desk that has adjustable heights so it could work for both sitting and standing positions. Thus, you won’t have problems with your body’s position all throughout the day. You may also want to pair it with a monitor stand that can hold your display at eye level.

But whatever kind of standing desk you get, keep in mind that the goal here is to protect your health and enhance your work productivity all at the same time. We must ensure that we are working comfortably and shouldn’t abuse our bodies and live healthily. As the saying goes, “Our health is our Wealth.”

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