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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Frozen shoulder syndrome (FSS), known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition wherein your joints are stiff and painful. Hence, causing your sleepless nights because of the torturing pain and hindering your shoulder movement. The symptoms of this condition start from mild to severe and usually lasts from one to three years. 

The treatments of the frozen shoulder syndrome include stretching or medication and steroid injections. Sadly, these treatments are only temporary and don’t last long for patients. 

Patients who have known chiropractic procedures visit their chiropractors to help them reduce the pain and discomfort their frozen shoulder syndrome is causing them. 

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

When you suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome, you’ll likely feel symptoms like pain in one of your shoulders, and it’s difficult to move. When this condition occurs, you will be experiencing the three stages of frozen shoulder syndrome.

Freezing Stage

There’s a limitation on all shoulder movements during this stage, which may be caused by prolonged immobilization, dislocation, recent minor trauma, neck problems, and heart attack. Besides limited motion, the following may also occur.

  • Pain develops in the shoulder whenever there is movement. The pain is sometimes severe.
  • The pain gradually escalates over time, and it may be more painful at night.
  • The condition may happen from 6 to 9 months.

Frozen Stage 

When the joint’s fluid thickens in this stage, the pain gets acute, and all movements are limited. In addition, someone may experience the following:

  • It’s hard to go through the daily tasks due to shoulder pain.
  • The stiffness escalates though the pain might disappear.
  • The frozen stage may last longer than the freezing stage, from 4 to 12 months.

Thawing Stage